Campaign for Mental Health (C4MH)

Campaign for Mental Health (C4MH), initiated in 2018 with the Richmond Fellowship Society (India) Delhi branch and Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, has been envisioned as a vibrant network of individuals and organizations active in the social, education and health fields. The Campaign aims to create a movement and a lasting impact on the way mental health is perceived in India.

C4MH seeks to initiate dialogues and remove stigma and shame around Mental Health among people by using a multi-media participatory approach. As part of this, the C4MH Team has designed and developed innovative tools and materials for community engagement, creating awareness as well as training and capacity building. The tools developed include traditional floor games (specifically modified games that are advantageous due to the familiarity with the format, ease of understanding, nostalgia due to past experiences and the players’ childhood memories, apart from the fun and entertainment factor), story scrolls (inspired by comics, the bioscope and the traditional Indian storytelling techniques of Katha, Kavad, Phad and Patachitra, all put together) and information cubes (highlighting the salient information of the topic).

In 2018, C4MH conducted trainings for representative of community-based organizations and NGOs (community workers) for building their capacities on issues related to mental health. The topics included Myths around Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Problems among Children. The trained representatives further conducted awareness sessions in their communities.

Post the pilot in 2018, the Campaign, led by RAHAT, moved from strength to strength in the year 2019. With the copyrighted traditional floor games as the primary awareness generation tool, C4MH collaborated with NGOs and academic institutions to take the initiative forward. C4MH 2020 was launched at the Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society (ANCIPS) 2020, at Kolkata, India, by Prof. Helen Herman, President, World Psychiatric Association. The training kit, inclusive of traditional floor games, story scrolls and information cubes, which were on display at our stall, was inaugurated by Prof. Dinesh Bhugra, Past President, World Psychiatric Association and by Prof. P.K. Dalal, President, Indian Psychiatric Society.

The Campaign collaborates with like-minded individuals, organizations and institutions by providing them with an intensive training which provides them with an in-depth understanding about mental health-related issues as well as hands-on experience on using the tools developed under the Campaign.