Activities at RAHAT

RAHAT runs education, awareness and training programs for various populations with the objective to address mental health issues and promote mental and emotional well-being. Our activities are as follows:

Mind Specialists

Mind Specialists is an online platform and resource portal that has been built to create progressive awareness and de-stigmatizing the conversation around Mental Health and Wellness. We believe that the holistic development of the mind, body and soul is significant to achieving a fulfilled, enriched life. Our mandate is to ‘Help You Help Yourself’ achieve this balance by providing people with access, education and guidance in all things related to their mind.

Campaign for Mental Health (C4MH)

The Campaign for Mental Health (C4MH) seeks to initiate dialogues and remove stigma and shame around Mental Health among people by using a multi-media participatory approach, involving the use of innovative tools such as traditional modified games, story scrolls and informative cubes.

Youth for Emotional and Social Support (YESS)

The YESS project aims at providing skills to selected individuals in specific settings (example: student representatives in colleges; women leaders in marginalized communities) thereby equipping them with the ability to identify, notice and support people around them going through a mental health issue.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Guide

RAHAT was given exclusive permission and rights by the World Health Organisation for the first Indian language translation of the Psychological First Aid guide from English to Hindi, now available for download on the website of RAHAT and WHO.

Virtual Initiatives during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown, Mind Specialists has worked from creating and sharing resources for individuals to maintain their mental well-being, to organizing webinars and virtual events for individuals, institutions and organizations to equip them with practical tips on navigating through their mind during the COVID-19 situation.

Past Activities

With over 30 years of its inception, RAHAT has been working for promotion of emotional well-being and health, especially mental health. Catch a glimpse of our work since we started!

Other Proposed Activities

We propose to do many more activities other than the ones currently in implementation.