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Proposed & Continuing Activities of "RAHAT" Charitable and Medical Research Trust


We at ‘RAHAT’ Charitable and Medical Research Trust wish to continue the activities of the past into the future. We also wish to expand through some of these activities :—

  • Preparation and Production of pamphlets (Print & Digital) in large quantities. These can be kept at prominent places with the help of prominent establishments (Stores, shops, showrooms, computer centers, organizations etc.) to spread the awareness in the general population. These can be distributed in Delhi and satellite towns as well as other select cities around the country. The topics would include — Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Psychosomatic illnesses, Schizophrenia, Phobias, Mental Retardation, Epilepsy, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Conduct Disorders in Children, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Addiction, Tobacco Abuse etc.
  • Preparation and Production of pamphlets for distribution in Hindi and other vernacular languages for villages through prominent persons of the village and doctors practicing there. The topics included can be Mental Retardation, Epilepsy, Psychosis (Schizophrenia), Anxiety, Depression, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Addiction, Tobacco Abuse etc.
  • ‘Documentaries, Audio Visuals programs and Pamphlets’ giving general information and hints for parents, teachers and students on drugs, alcohol and tobacco abuse to be used in school. Building ‘action groups’ at school level to fight the problems of drug abuse and emotional disturbances.
  • Preparation and distribution of ‘Posters’ on drug abuse, AIDS, Drug Interaction and effects of drugs on pregnant mother and child to clinics and Nursing Homes in Delhi.
  • The material produced to be distributed to other organizations working in the field, clinics of general physicians through Delhi Medical Association as well as to clients coming to special psychiatric centers in the city.
  • The thrust on reaching the masses through print & electronic media in the form of contribution of articles on Health, Stress, Mental illnesses, Mind-Body medicines etc. in leading dailies and magazines of the country.
  • To carry out research for combining western medicine with eastern thought, create new modalities of treatment and healthy life style incorporating new age therapies (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Color & Aura therapy, Acupressure, Yoga and Meditation) as well as other systems of medicine.
  • To continue to see patients free of cost at the office of the trust. These clinics are managed by the voluntary services of the members of the trust as well as volunteers.
  • To continue counseling services provided free of cost to the needy and referral services (hospitalization, investigation etc.) to be placed in the service of those requiring it.
It is our sincere desire to join hands with other organizations working in the field, share our work and experience with individuals and create ripples to bring about a sea change towards A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body In A Spiritually Inclined, Sustaining Society.



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