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  • Become a volunteer

Learn more about Drug Abuse/ Alcoholism/Tobacco Abuse/Chronic Mental Illness/Psychological problems of children and the elderly so that you could subsequently be a part of the core group to work in community outreach.

  • Become a messenger

Disseminate information about addiction and mental illness in your immediate circle of family, friends and colleagues.

  • Become a ‘first-aider’

Get trained with information to identify people who need help so that they can be referred to suitable professionals or agencies.

  • Make a financial contribution

Make a monetary contribution to support RAHAT activities. These contributions can be of any amount and are tax exempt under section 80G; of Income Tax Act, 1961 (No. DIT (E)/98/R-362/88/65)
Please mail your contributions through Cheque / Demand Draft payable to "Rahat Charitable & Medical Research Trust"
226/C-7, Safdarjung Development Area, (Opp. Deer Park) New Delhi - 110016, India
Phones: 91-11-26526243 ; 26564955 
Email: avdeshsharma@rahat.org

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