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Aims & Objectives Of "RAHAT" Charitable and Medical Research Trust


  • To provide information on the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction as well as cigarette smoking in schools, colleges, youth organisations and slums.
  • To gather and disseminate information on the latest medical and psychological findings on the effects of drugs and the socio-political and legal efforts to combat drug abuse to parents, educators, physicians, social workers, counsellors and others involved in tackling this problem and organizing action groups for this.
  • To involve itself in the production of audiovisual and educational aids on drug abuse and mental health.
  • Development of rehabilitation measures for chronic mental patients and deal with psychological problems of the aged and children.
  • To organise public awareness programs on mental health, drug abuse as well as problems of elderly, using poster competitions, workshops and mass media campaigns.

It is our sincere desire to join hands with other organizations working in the field, share our work and experience with individuals and create ripples to bring about a sea change towards A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body In A Spiritually Inclined, Sustaining Society.

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