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RAHAT (Rehabilitation of Ailing Humans through Action and Treatment) is a non-profit charitable organization created to meet a growing need for community based programs in the field of health, particularly mental health, laying special emphasis on preventive education and rehabilitation.

RAHAT is an Urdu word which means "SOLACE" in English, which is our Motto.

 was formed in 1988 to augment the meager existing facilities in the area of health education and action programs with community orientation. This need was particularly felt amidst the increasing stresses of modern living, leading to a breakdown in the coping abilities of individuals caught at such crossroads. The rising cultures of inequality and violence have greatly increased. Delinquency, alcoholism, drug abuse and alienation among youth, who may lack purpose and a specific direction in life is a major social problem. The gradual split in family and social networks apart from stress have led to a growing incidence of mental illnesses in our society. Hence, community outreach programs, specifically designed to educate all, specially certain vulnerable high-risk groups of people about the dangers of addictions, the need to maintain cordial family and interpersonal relationships and to help them direct their energies towards some gainful productive activity has become the need of the hour. There are rising trends (about 60% of all diseases) of non-communicable diseases which have stress in the background requiring management at various levels. Mental illnesses have a lifetime prevalence of about 25% in the community, about 10% of children and about half of elderly need psychological help at any time. Depression is the leading cause of global burden of disease.  

 has been formed to meet some of these needs and evolve strategies to counter them, reduce burden of mental illnesses, create public education to reduce stigma and reach the unreached with the help of all sections of the society anywhere in the world.

The guiding spirits of the trust have been Shri. H.K. Sharma; Retd. Addl. Industrial Advisor, D.G.T.D., Government of India and Mrs. Mohini Sharma who along with Sh. G.C. Choudhry of Bajaj Auto Ltd. were the founders of the trust. The trustees presently are Mrs. Anuradha Sachdeva (Interior Designer & Artist); Dr. Sujatha D. Sharma (Consultant Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Avdesh Sharma (Consultant Psychiatrist) and Manasi Sharma (Doctoral Student, Harvard School of Public Health, USA). Dr. Avdesh Sharma (Consultant Psychiatrist)is the Managing Trustee while Dr. Sujatha D. Sharma is the Chairperson. There is a core group of committed professionals from different fields, volunteers and donors to help in different programs.

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